A boutique event for investors and startups

Small and curated: Sting Day is an exclusive, invitation-only event for 400 carefully selected guests. You don’t have to search for the relevant people – everyone you want to meet is in one room.

  • 60 selected startups from all over Sweden.
  • 200 investors from 15 countries, including senior-level representatives from the major VCs as well as experienced angel investors.

Not a commercial event: Part of the secret behind Sting Day is that it is not a commercial event. Since we’re not selling tickets, we can make sure that only the most promising startups and relevant investors come, providing top-level networking. The day will feature entertaining, insightful speakers as well as attention-grabbing pitches from startups. You will also be able to book meetings in advance with your favorite startups. And of course, there will be dinner, drinks, and music to round up a great day! 

We look forward to seeing you in Stockholm on the 19th of October!

Confirmed Speakers and Panelists

Stefan Ytterborn
Founder and CEO of CAKE

Stefan Ytterborn is the founder and CEO of CAKE, the Swedish maker of premium lightweight electric motorcycles. Stefan has a long background as entrepreneur, promoter, and strategist within contemporary and industrial design and communication, covering all segments of the value chain when being responsible for developing more than two thousand consumer products. CAKE combines all of Stefan’s experiences with interests that matter to him and that he is passionate about. Previous to CAKE, he founded and led the leading ski and cycling protection brand POC.

Karin Ebbinghaus

Karin Ebbinghaus is the CEO of deeptech e-mobility company Elonroad, which contributes to the system shift into to a more climate-friendly society. Elonroad enables acceleration into electrification of the transport sector by providing a novel kind of charging infrastructure. Karin has a background as a lawyer and investor but fell for Elonroad and their inspiring approach to tackling the climate challenge with new thinking and belief in technology.

Stefan Jansson
Founder and CEO of Polarium

Stefan founded Polarium back in 2015 based on an idea of how energy storage solutions built on lithium-ion battery technology could empower a smart and sustainable world. As CEO, Stefan leads Polarium’s rapid global expansion. He has more than 25 years of experience from working with innovative energy storage solutions and building global businesses. Prior to Polarium Stefan was part of the founding teams of Northstar Battery Company as well as Abatel.

Anna Haupt
Investment Director at Industrifonden and Founder of Hövding

Anna Haupt, Investment Director at Industrifonden, is one of two inventors of Hövding – the airbag bicycle helmet, which she founded in 2005 and took from an idea to a listed company with 400 dealers around Europe and Asia. In the years before joining Industrifonden, Anna was devoted to the automotive industry. At Nevs (formerly Saab), she was part of the management team and was responsible for the development of a mobility system of self-driving vehicles for urban environments. A product she took from idea to first driving prototype, including an app and fleet management system.

Daniel Kjellén
Founder and CEO of Tink

Daniel Kjellén is the CEO and co-founder of Tink. Founded in Stockholm in 2012, and part of Visa since 2022, Tink is Europe’s leading open banking platform that enables banks, fintechs and startups to develop data-driven financial services. Its current partners include PayPal, NatWest, American Express, Revolut, ABN AMRO, BNP Paribas, Nordea and SEB.

Maja Magnusson
Co-founder and COO of Care to Translate

Maja Magnusson is a serial entrepreneur and since 2018 she has been part of building Care to Translate AB as COO and Cofounder, with a focus on developing digital translation tools for the healthcare sector. Maja is passionate about tech, innovation, and building beautiful companies inside and out.

Johan Bloom
CEO Curus

Johan Bloom is the founder of investment company Curus, focusing on digital health. Johan has invested in more than 25 companies since 2015 within digital health, and he is a previous entrepreneur having built Add Health Media. Johan started his career in the pharmaceutical industry and has a degree in Chemistry from Uppsala University.

Tanya Horowitz
Partner at Butterfly Ventures & Co-Founder at CapA

Tanya has over 25+ years of financial services, including 12+ years in M&A with the last 10 years dedicated as venture investor, both in the US and Europe. She’s a partner at the Deep Tech Impact fund, Butterfly Ventures, and will share her perspective on how to go global. In addition to this she will sit as a jury member in the OIW 100 Pitches finale.

Pelle Redare
CEO of iCellate Medical

Pelle's entrepreneurial journey started as the youngest Apple® reseller at the age of 17. Since then, he has spent most of his time within MedTech in large cooperations, smaller companies, and startups. Pelle's latest startup is iCellate Medical AB which has developed a technology to find Circulating Tumor cells (CTCs), that spread cancer and form metastases. 


Lunch and Startup Exhibition

Opening Remark: Pär Hedberg, Sting Founder & CEO

Keynote Speaker: Stefan Ytterborn, Founder of POC & CAKE

Keynote Speaker: Karin Ebbinghaus, CEO ELONROAD

Networking and Startup Exhibition

Investor - Startup Speed Meetings


Breakout Session: What type of Healthtech companies will be successful in raising capital in 2023?


Breakout session: Investing in Climate Tech – opportunities and challenges


Breakout Session: What Does the Fintech Landscape Look Like in 2023?


Breakout Session: Why Invest in Deeptech?


Networking and Startup Exhibition

Closing Keynote Speaker: Stefan Jansson, CEO of Polarium



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