Lunch and Startup Exhibition

Opening Remark: Pär Hedberg, Sting Founder & CEO

Keynote Speaker: Stefan Ytterborn, Founder of POC & CAKE

Stefan Ytterborn
Founder and CEO of CAKE

Keynote Speaker: Karin Ebbinghaus, CEO ELONROAD

Karin Ebbinghaus

Networking and Startup Exhibition

Investor - Startup Speed Meetings


Breakout Session: What Does the Fintech Landscape Look Like in 2023?

Topics discussed in this panel:

  • The evolution of Fintech: loans/financing/installment payments - open banking - blockchain adoption
  • Regulatory challenges and adoption of Fintech companies
  • What type of Fintech companies will get investments? Which are the investment trends in 2023?
  • Feature of Fintechs - AI, Web3, and more.


  • Hannah Meiton, Investor at Ampli Ventures
  • Daniel Kjellén, Founder & CEO of Tink
  • Nanna Stranne, Co-founder & CEO of Sigma Stocks
  • Jimmy Hanna, Co-founder & CEO of Fairlo


  • Fredrik Rosengren, Sting Coach
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Breakout Session: Why Invest in Deeptech?

Topics discussed in this panel:

  • The interest in deeptech and hardware from investors has skyrocketed in recent years. What does this depend on? Which logic or metrics have changed?
  • We all know that deeptech takes time. Is it possible to be a deeptech investor with a closed-end fund structure?
  • Politicians all over Europe are talking about deeptech as a way to solve the societal and environmental challenges we face. However, is the investor community equipped with the right skills to invest in deeptech companies?


  • Anna Haupt, Investment Director, Industrifonden
  • Nicklas Bergman, Founder & CEO of Intergalactic
  • Tanya Horowitz, Partner of Butterfly Ventures
  • Björn Lindh, Founder & CEO of Lindhea Holding


  • Raoul Stubbe, Sting Deeptech Coach
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Breakout Session: What type of Healthtech companies will be successful in raising capital in 2023?

Topics covered in this panel:

  • Which are some major Healthtech trends in 2023 and onwards?
  • To which type of companies do investments go?
  • How can you prepare when raising a round when the investment climate is tough?


  • Maja Magnusson, Founder & COO of Care of Translate
  • Johan Bloom, CEO of Curus
  • Caroline Gattner, Investor at
  • Pelle Redare, CEO of iCellate Medical


  • Johanna Wollert Melin, Co-founder of Trice Imaging and Sting Healthtech Coach
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Breakout session: Investing in Climate Tech – opportunities and challenges

Topics covered in this panel:

  • What role can startups play in fighting climate change and reaching net zero by 2050?
  • What are the opportunities and challenges of investing in climate tech?
  • How can climate impact performance be measured?
  • What needs to be done to accelerate the scale-up of climate tech startups?


    • Kajsa Johansson, Investor at EFT Partners
    • Andreas Schwartzenbrunner, Partner at Speedinvest
    • Malin Carlström, General Partner at Climentum
    • Claes Wallnér, CEO of Sustainable Energy Angels
    • Thomas Öström, Founder of Climeaon and Sting Coach


    • Karin Ruiz, Sting Sustaintech Coach
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    Networking and Startup Exhibition

    Closing Keynote Speaker: Stefan Jansson, CEO of Polarium

    Stefan Jansson
    Founder and CEO of Polarium